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FlirtNetwork.Com - Inviting Friends encourages all of our members to invite as many friends as possible to the fun free chat experience here at FlirtNetwork.Com. Below, you can enter up to 6 friends` e-mail addresses at one time, and send the link and a short description of FlirtNetwork.Com to them via e-mail. We will never use their e-mail again after that, we garauntee you that! So please, look below at the "Invite Friends" form and fill out as many as you wish. If you wish not to send any e-mails, you can go check out the chat rooms to start chatting.

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FlirtNetwork.Com - Quick View of Popular Chat Rooms...

Below is a list of our most popular chat rooms. The full list of our chat rooms is here.

Teen Chat - Very popular teen chat room that is the #1 chat room on the FlirtNetwork website. It is for ages 16-19 only and is a clean chat room that is moderated for content. Lots of fun, hundreds of chatters daily!

Chat Zone - A laid back general chat room, the Chat Zone is full of cool chatters chatting about general stuff like the news, movies, sports, music, or whatever you would like. A fun place to meet new and fun people.

Singles Chat - If you are single and want a fling, then the Singles Chat room is definitely for you. It is always popular for the singles, and who knows, maybe your significant other is chatting right this minute!

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